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Connecting to A.S.K with Generic ODBC

Use Kafka sourced analytics in your ODBC based applications

Connect To A.S.K.
June 10, 2024
Read time:
7 Minutes

Video Guide

Connect Generic JDBC Client to Kafka

DISCLAIMER:- We have used  RazorSQL client for this Tutorial other ODBC clients will have similar setup but please refer to the documentation of your SQL client to connect ODBC driver.

Step 1:- Download Trino Driver

Download the Trino ODBC Driver using the following link https://insightsoftware.com/drivers/trino-odbc-jdbc/

Download RazorSQL from the following link https://razorsql.com/download_win.html

Step 2:- Add ODBC driver using ODBC Data Sources application

a) Open the ODBC data Source application from the windows start menu

b) Navigate to: User DSN> Add...>Simba Trino ODBC Driver

Step 3:- Enter the Configuration

a) Enter the following config:

Data Source Name:- streambased (or any name meaningful to you)
Authentication Type:- No authentication 
Host:- streambased.cloud 
Port:- 8443 
Catlog:- Kafka 
Schema:- streambased

b) Click the SSL options button and enable SSL

c) Click OK

Step 4:- Test the Connection

Click Test… button and test the connection if the connection is successful click the OK button to add the driver

Step 5:- Open the ODBC client application and select the driver

a) Click Add connection profile select other Database type

b) Select the driver source name as Streambased (or any name that is specified while entering the ODBC config)

c) Click CONNECT

Step 6:- Run your queries 

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