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Streambased.io seamlessly integrates operational and analytical data for enhanced insights—keep scrolling to discover how we can transform your data workflow.

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About Streambased

Streambased is the premier platform for converging the operational and analytical functions within an organisation. The company provides access to operational data via a platform that integrates with operational data stores, like Kafka, Warpstream, and RedPanda, and analytical tools, like Tableau, Superset, and PowerBI.

Streambased opens a wealth of new data that provides data analysts, BI engineers, and data scientists with increased insight whilst not requiring any changes in the tools and techniques they use today. With Streambased, Kafka is invisible and treated as just another data source.


Meet The Team

Team Image
Tom Scott, CEO
Cloudera, Confluent, Conduktor
Team Image
Leo Delmouly, CRO
Confluent, Cockroach Labs, Conduktor

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