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Introducing Streambased A.S.K., the world’s first free, serverless service for running analytics on streaming data

Streambased A.S.K. is a free, easy-to-use service for analyzing streaming data without sign-up or deployment, enhancing predictive models and business insights securely.

Kafka + Streambased - An Event Sourcing Match made in heaven

This post highlights Streambased’s role in overcoming Kafka’s limitations for efficient event sourcing by improving data retrieval and filtering.

Governance and the Streaming Datalake: Do it well and do it once

Exploring the efficiency of applying governance principles once in streaming datalakes to simplify data management across organizations.

Why is it so difficult for analysts to get at a newly created Kafka topic?

Why is it so difficult for analysts to get at a newly created Kafka topic? Discover how Streambased revolutionizes data access for analysts by eliminating traditional ELT pipelines, enabling direct, efficient interaction with operational data through industry-standard protocols.

Operational and Analytical data system convergence, the coming revolution that already happened

Exploring the transformative journey from distinct operational and analytical data systems to a unified, versatile approach in data infrastructure.

Introducing the Streaming Datalake

Designed for the future of streaming, Streambased enables instant ad-hoc data analysis directly from the source.

Streambased And TableFlow - Two Very Different Approaches To The Same Problem

Explore the contrasting strategies of Streambased and TableFlow, offering unique perspectives on tackling common data challenges.

There's nothing special about event streaming data

Stream processing with Kafka is complex. Treating Kafka data as a simple store and using SQL simplifies access. Streambased enhances performance, making Kafka data more accessible for analysts.

Experience lightning-fast filter queries with Streambased: achieve up to 30x speed boost!

Uncover the power of Streambased’s DataLake and unlock the potential for unparalleled efficiency and productivity. Learn more today!