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Connecting to A.S.K. with DBT

Connect Kafka data sources and sinks with DBT

Connect To A.S.K.
June 10, 2024
Read time:
4 Minutes

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Step 1: Install dependencies

To work with DBT we must first install the Trino libraries:

pip install dbt-trino

Step 2: Create a project

Let’s init a DBT project:

dbt init

Give the project a meaningful name and select the trino database:

Step 3: Configure the database connection

In the newly created project directory create a new file named “profiles.yml”. This should contain the following:

<project name>:
target: dev
    type: trino
    method: none
    user: admin
    database: kafka
    host: streambased.cloud
    port: 8443
    schema: streambased
    threads: 1
    http_scheme: https

Step 4: Create a model

In the “models” directory create a new file with the extension “.sql” (in this example transactions.sql). This should contain the SQL you wish to run:

SELECT * FROM kafka.streambased.demo_transactions

Step 5: Run the query

We can test run the query directly with DBT:

dbt show --select models/transactions.sql

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