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Analytics Service
for Kafka

Streambased A.S.K. is a SQL based analytics service for Apache Kafka® compatible data streaming platforms. No need to worry about complex setup, management and deployment steps, just point A.S.K. at your Kafka data and query using all of your favourite tools.

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Have you ever felt like you had all the data you need in order to solve your business problems? Me neither.

Harness the power of streaming data with Streambased:

Model Accuracy

Explore and innovate with new datasets as soon as they are available (milliseconds not days).

Business Insights

Examine all the events that led to a conclusion, not just the final outcome.

Analyze All
Contributing Events

Report on areas of the business that were previously black holes.

Innovate with
Instant Data Access

Dramatically improve the accuracy of your predictive models by training them on fresh datasets.

Integrating with your Kafka data through Streambased has never been easier

Get Started

Connecting to your Kafka data with Streambased is straightforward, in most cases only two lines of configuration:

%load_ext sql
%sql trino://streambased-server:8080/kafka    
Driver={Simba Trino};Host=streambased-server;Port=8080

Everything comes from Kafka:

DOS protection
via client quotas

Because Streambased queries data at its Kafka source, standard client quotas can be used to protect the Kafka cluster from rogue workloads.

Schema Registry
for data structure

Streambased seamlessly translates Schema Registry schemas into table definitions so that your analytical rows map perfectly to your operational messages.

Kafka ACLs and RBAC
for access management

Streambased makes Kafka credentials part of the SQL session so that you can transparently re-use Kafka access management in your SQL tools.


Streaming platforms excel in operations but struggle with analytics. Streambased accelerates Kafka data access for analytics using:

Topic statistics

Streambased records statistics on the underlying streaming structures that can be used to optimise query planning for distributed tasks like table joins etc.


Streambased computes common expensive aggregates ahead of time to ensure high performance for even complex queries.

Predicate pushdown

Apply predicates at the read layer and dramatically reduce the amount of data that needs to be read from Kafka to complete a query.

Experience lightning-fast filter queries with Streambased: achieve up to 30x speed boost!

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