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Connecting to A.S.K. with Superset

Create dashboards and explore Kafka with Superset

Connect To A.S.K.
June 10, 2024
Read time:
5 Minutes

Video Guide

Step 1: Add a database

Locate the “Settings” button in the top right and select “Database Connections”

In the resulting screen select “+ Database” and select “Trino” as the database type:

Step 2: Configure the database

In the resulting screen under basic tab configure the following properties:

DISPLAY NAME -> Streambased #(or other meaningful name to you)
SQLALCHEMY URI -> trino://streambased.cloud:8443/kafka

Go to Advanced tab click other and enter the engine parameters


Step 3: Test the connection

Click “TEST CONNECTION”, you should receive a message similar to the following:

Finally, click “CONNECT” to finalise the connection.

Step 4: Run some test queries

Now you can see your database and schema from SQL Lab. Happy querying!

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